SIMUN, the project

The vision of our countries lies in the hands of our youths and young diplomats. They are filled with tremendous and towering ambitions. It will be a huge wastage of human resources if these youths are not given a chance to exercise their talent. This beautiful land needs these youths in order for our soil to become a brighter one. SIMUN is aware of this; therefore it offers a golden opportunity for this generation to make their voice heard in the international community. The purpose behind the SIMUN is to get the countries close to each other and reinforce the relationships between the corners of Africa, go beyond the geographical barriers to increase the development of the continent by gathering a thousand delegates, making a point of honor in having a high quality conference. SIMUN is very special by its distinguished guests (VIP people occupying the highest positions in the kingdom, the president of the Moroccan Government, the minister of Cooperation and Foreign Affairs of the kingdom, presidents of NGOs and others